• Christine

    I joined for the discount, and got so much more! Membership in the Flippin Society gives you access to some of the most creative minds I’ve ever been associated with! If you have any question about crafting, these people step up to help you. No question is too big or too small. Tammy gives updates on new products regularly, and also pops in with great tutorials and how to’s. If you need support in your crafting, no matter your ability level, membership in the Flippin Society is a must!

  • Martha

    Tammy is the most down-to-earth person! Her artistry is unique and imaginative, and as most true artists, she goes where the project takes her...

    She isn't derailed when something doesn't go as planned, but instead turns it into inspiration for some glorious idea that may not have come to light otherwise.

    Tammy's informal attitude welcomes everyone, regardless of their skill or experience level. Her supportive family and much loved dogs soon, along with Tammy, quickly become favored guests in your home.

  • Candace

    I didn't even own furniture I planned on redoing.. Nor did I have paint or brushes. I got home late from work one night and couldn't shut my brain off so went to scroll on FB. That's when I saw a Tabletop technique class and thought it looked really cool. My daughter had just left for the military and I needed to find something I knew I'd enjoy doing to fill the void. No question is a dumb one.. Seriously, we learn together sometimes. This isn't one of those groups you join and the person on camera never sees your comment. This group is like a 2nd family. I've never met any of these ladies in person but we all help each other when we can. I've NEVER had anyone be snarky or condescending and these days, groups like that are hard to find. Tammy is one of those rare coaches.. One who inspires you and teaches you without even knowing she's doing it sometimes. I would highly recommend anyone, at any level, to join. You won't be disappointed.

  • Peggy

    I love my membership in the Flippin Society! I am still fairly new to flipping and I was always nervous to try anything new. Prep, paint, top coat.....next. I was in a lot of groups, but one night happened to run across Tammy's Flippin Furniture open group. I saw there was a private group that had some tutorials about things I had wanted to try, so I went for it. Gamechanger!! Tammy is so personable, funny, and just so darn talented. She makes everything look so easy, but her "go with it" attitude tipped the scales for me. She gave me the confidence to try out all the things I had been wanting to, and SO many ideas that had never occurred to me. I haven't met her YET....but feel like I know her and her family and they just all seem so down to earth and just good folk. Just a great group with so many pleasant and knowledgeable people....not often found on FB today. And bonus....the society discount!$! SO glad I found Tammy and the Flippin Society!!

  • Kristina

    The Flippin Society is everything you never knew you needed! This private group is one of the best things I have ever been involved with, and so worth the investment. Being part of this group has given me a focus and a purpose when I was just starting to figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted to be creative, but had no direction. Tammy helped change that for me. Tammy shares so much of herself, her life, her family (who are all awesome by the way!), and makes you feel like you’re all just friends hanging out. Watching Tammy create has inspired me to create, to have the confidence to give new techniques a try, and to be confident enough to share my creations with others. Tammy’s approach to everything is so down-to-earth and she is so fun to interact with. (She makes up these really cool words and she makes us all laugh!) She makes everything look easy, and even when she makes a mistake, she just goes with it and shows you how you can fix it and make it even better. “Happy accidents” as she calls them. Being part of the Flippin Society has given me new friendships that I cherish with other creators all across the country and beyond. We are like a family. We support each other, we share ideas about creative things and life, we ask Tammy and each other questions, and we laugh and joke about everything under the sun. No matter if you are a seasoned creator or a newbie, this is the group you want to join. You won’t regret a moment of it!

  • Shannon

    I came across an ad for the table top technique around COVID starting on Facebook. I work full time and was playing around with the idea of getting into furniture flippin since I had extra time with everything being shut down. Class fee was cheap so I signed up....what the hay right lol. Loved the class, fell in love with Tammy's personality but was very nervous about joining the membership. Was it a scam, would it be worth it etc etc. I paid for a full year membership and bit the big one. Best investment I made. Planned on doing this business venture part-time but my pieces are currently flying out the door before I can get the next one done. I have learned different techniques by trying them myself, ventured into new products and feel challenged by others. The group is soooo much more than I ever hoped for from inspiration, education to having built lifelong friendships. This society is LIFE CHANGING!! We support each other, encourage each other, goof around, challenge and laugh with each other. Tammy is always asking us for new ideas. She may have no experience with what we ask so she will either try it out with us or will ask a friend to come show us how to do it! Society describes the group as great but in reality we are more of a family in my opinion as it is not always about furniture but sometimes just life. You cannot get better than this!

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